Steph Modder

Whether she's backed by the band or alone with just her acoustic guitar, Steph Modder's bewitching vocals draw us in, like the allure of a longed-for embrace. Ignited by her passion and expressive spirit, her lyrics are tender, often plaintive, and seem to all at once comprise life's victories and its heartaches.

This native mid-westerner got her musical start in the coffeehouses and clubs of Minneapolis -- at various times singing BGV's, playing violin and other random instruments with a band called the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria (now Greycoats), and serenading fans all on her own.

She has since transplanted herself into the DC music scene and is stepping into the solo spotlight. Now, in her debut CD, HOPE'S GOT ME, Steph collaborates with mentor and producer Michael Pritzl (The Violet Burning, The Gravity Show) unveiling a collection of songs she has been writing off and on for a while.

With sounds as melancholy as her soul, Steph allows a raw and exposed view into her personal encounters soaring in the heights of love and safety, treading wearily through the valleys of self identity and love lost, all of which she found to be part of the journey in the pursuit of what makes it all matter. The featured track, "Hope's Got Me", expresses the cavernous search Steph experienced when questioning the meaning of life's jarring turns and its ability to unpredictably change us forever.

With its honest lyrics and enchanting melodies this album is her first opportunity to put her art out there for you to hear, assess and, hopefully, fall in love with. It's been a long time coming. Enjoy.